Friday, 13 July 2012

end of party week

Our last party was the art teacher's birthday party and it reads something like this-

It was a dark and stormy night, only the truly brave ventured forth.......

Those were the atmospheric and threatening clouds that hung overhead- the tent was up, but half of the tables were exposed, so when it showered an hour before, just as the candles were lit and the flowers and lanterns placed on the tables....I did the only thing I could do....

I shook my fists and cussed like a sailor (I have experience in this)- and it worked.

Except for a brief shower that brought us cosily together, the kind clouds held their bounty until after the last guest left and then the heavens broke and it still hasn't stopped raining.

art teacher receiving his brithday wishes
that yummy pork terrine on bruschetta
starter snacks

Thank you dear friends for braving the elements and your excellent company-

 Next party, fingers crossed-

  Carrie's welcome home in September... and they will be dragging that damn sunshine with them all the way from the Mediterranean if they have to!


  1. Oh what a lovely party! Best birthday wishes to the art teacher. My cussing at the heavens hardly ever works, must be the sailor part.

  2. I shake my fist at my fruit trees and threaten the saw and that seems to work as well. Pass along birthday wished, it looks like it a a hellava party, Mother Nature be damned!

  3. This looks utterly amazing. So impressed ;-)


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