Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Flowers after the party

Our friend Jane over at smallbutcharming, is hosting her popular 'flowers in the house' party- very convenient for me this time.....as the house is brimming and fragrant with the beautiful gift of flowers....

from Kristine

from Lily
I'm not cheating including the flowers outside, as our outside is pretty much our inside.

party table


  1. I did wake up to you and your fabulous flowers!


    No house looks as inviting as your house party or no party.

    You are giddy with scent there, no?

    xo jane

  2. What flowers? I'm in love with the party table.

  3. Thx Jane and Amelia, it was a belated birthday that I squeezed in on a free weekend, about 4 weeks late- but I can definitely vouch for 'better late than never!'
    At the moment the house is still in serious party disarray, bottles of wine, boxes of glasses everywhere, so for sanity I cast my eyes to those flowers and breathe that scent.
    Amelia, I made a great recipe I found - slow cooked brisket with mexican spices served with a tequila watermelon salsa, sadly we didn't have time for a good pic, so have to postpone that blog, but doing one on the pork belly terrine next- you'll love it!


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