Wednesday, 28 September 2011

We'll be coming around the mountain

Coming up Kloof nek
We drove up, over and around plenty of mountains this week-  all freshly viewed through the eyes of our guest.

The sun finally joined our party and everything looked shiny, bright and newly blossoming.

A hearty late breakfast at Cafe Olympia in Kalk Bay is a must- it'll chase even the most stubborn hangover.

Sardines and perfectly poached egg, fluffy omelette stuffed with ratatouille and brie and scrambled eggs with chipolatas, then a short walk to the Harbour - Fish 'n Chips for lunch from Kalky's.

this pretty garden outside the railroad crossing to Kalk Bay Harbour

Not one fish for sale

Over to town to scan the art teachers latest painting (can't wait to show you) and look what we found outside the Test Kitchen, have mercy!

It was past lunchtime and not yet dinner time and I could smell those bones roasting in the outside oven, it's for good reason this man's food is the best in town.

I'll bring you up to speed with the rest of the week tomorrow... today its mussel picking in Scarborough- Oh yes!

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