Friday, 30 September 2011

Asparagus, white trash lamb and a green ballgown

Sunday saw another lunch/boules party, the rain of the previous Sunday a distant memory, we gathered in the shade, the temperature a simmering 31 degrees- that's Cape Town weather explained perfectly.

The lunch menu planning started with 2 deboned shoulders of lamb and a coca-cola marinade that I confess to trying....I just couldn't resist and yes, it was stickily delicious and demolished before we could get pics, so happily I now have an excuse to try it again for my lovely readers.

That said, I had to introduce a bit of class in the starter, blanched asparagus with a piquante lemon, olive oil dip and a rustic tart filled with artichokes, olives, caper berries and a touch of grated pecorino.

Dessert you ask? with a nod to summer- strawberry tarts with ice-cream


  1. Sounds as though you'd like my white trash pig :-)

    Very good looking, all of it and everyone.

  2. Most definitely Marie- its settled then, I'll do a white trash meal for us when you're in Cape Town!

  3. Your parties always look like so much fun.

    Sorry you live so far away.

    xo Jane


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