Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Brewers Co-op Woodstock

A bunch of guys and one lady have got together to form the Brewers Co-op in Albert Road, Woodstock,

 our buddy Daniel being one of them, so last Thursday we popped down to do some serious tasting- 

I quietly, and a bit bashfully arrived as a non beer drinker, but was quickly lured by all the sparkling honey hues.... by the end of the evening I had tasted several really delicious beers, knew a bit more about the different processes- everyone is very passionate- and had a favourite in the cider.

You can catch one of their free beer Thursdays (they await their licence) tomorrow from 6 pm-don't worry about the rain and the cold, there's always a big crowd of kindred souls and plenty of beer.

Woodstock drive-by

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