Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Walking the vineyards

Finally, we can slow down and enjoy long evening walks in the vineyards again.

We saw the tender young vine shoots emerge from hard gnarly old stumps, the air was still cold then and no sign of spring yet.

When next we looked, the vineyards were vivid with fresh green and the promise of summer- now grapes hang in tight bouncy little bunches.

The labourers started their summer gardens, neat patches outside their cottages, onions sourced from Grabouw, mielies, beans, pumpkins, all watered every evening.

Watching their vegetables grow is just a little humiliating for the average gardener - we're still proudly nursing our tiny spinach and tomato plants, whilst their patches grow effortlessly with wild must be the soil?


  1. Those are amazing vegetable gardens! Which farm is this - Groot Constantia? I'd be tempted to steal grape leaves...

    1. Marie, all the vegetables are already twice the size since the picture!

      The mielies were planted so close together, we thought...surely not? But they are all flourishing and tall- I think green fingers are at work here...

      It's the labourers cottages at Groot Constantia and each cottage has a patch in front of it with the vineyard behind it.

      I'm thinking Dolmades too!

  2. I so love vineyards, and these are stunning not to mention that vegetable garden. Wow! You're right, must be the soil, ahem...


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