Tuesday 20 September 2016

21 years and a couple of days ago

21 years ago you arrived cautiously, a bonny baby, eager for every challenge.

A record 6 weeks in the naming –  but I think we nailed it…you are every bit both Annabela and Annie.

The baby Annie got down and dirty-  playing with the chickens, sharing their food –hours spent in the garden.

Intrigued with textures and taste, I was always prying the odd bug out of your future vegetarian mouth.

Done with that, as a child you were a feisty princess, an ethereal fairy and a fantastic hostess –

Your tea parties extravagant with flowers, mud cakes and murky tea, teddies, barbies and dolls all dressed in their finest.

In between, you figured out and beat the adult house record at Klotski and patiently built the highest block towers ever seen....everyone tip toeing for hours.

Few will believe you refused to go to school, and we're talking Waldorf pre-school....

 The following year with the realisation of the inevitable, you set your mind and bravely went forth to conquer –  very shortly the drawers were bulging with diplomas….. if only we got to keep the silver!

A whirl of drama, dancing, public speaking, debating, 'head girling' and art….basically anything the rest of us would run screaming from- you tackled it all with grace, tenacity and integrity beyond your years.

Art…such soulful drawings – top mark in the province and you didn’t choose Art, nor law for that matter, much bewilderment all around, but you had other horizons to discover.

You don’t choose the obvious and definitely never the easiest, your paths will probably be as diverse as you are talented -

Just know that we couldn't be more proud of the woman you have become.


  1. Beautiful Karen, and Annie - what a beauty! Congratulations dearests xx

  2. Happy birthday to both of you. No one could have a better mother xxx

  3. Happy belated birthday to Annie and cheers to your beautiful post about her...and you. Lovely to see and read you.


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